DMV Service Descriptions

Vehicle Renewals

Payless vehicle registration services are completed in a timely manner that makes it convenient for you. We offer a simple solution that can save you precious time and get’s you on the road. 


Ownership vehicle transfer, out of state, our vehicle ownership transfer services are professional done , quickly completed by our Payless Professionals. Feel free to inquire.

Lien Sales

Impounds, Abandon vehicles, Auction. We can take care of the DMV related transactions. We can help you find out if there are any fees due to penalties, tickets or unpaid registrations. Be smart and choose Payless Auto. 


We assist you with the necessary process and paperwork import and export vehicles from and to the U.S. to and from Mexico. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable with the legal procedures  in order to complete the transfer fast and affordable. 

Moving Permits

Temporary Operating Permits can give you a legal temporary status to move your vehicle for repair or smog test. The TOP (Temporary Operating Permit) can be done with us. Get it done and get it done fast with Payless Auo.

Lost Titles

Replace your lost California Vehicle Title. We track the release of liability, recover copies of the bill of sale, vehicle duplicate titles research from out of state, fast and affordable.